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The Lost Wife
Dark Avenue Film

The Lost Wife



Someone's always watching...

Manx farmer William is a man of few words. When free-spirited traveller Nancy enchants him into a whirlwind romance, he starts to come out of his shell. 

But six months later, Nancy goes missing. 

This modern retelling of Sophia Morrison's The Lost Wife of Ballaleece (Manx Fairy Tales, 1912) was supported by Culture Vannin and Isle of Man Arts Council and was our first short film production outside of university. 

It explores loneliness and jealousy, longing and melancholy, and how far people will go for companionship. 

Running at 13'30", the film embarked on the film festival circuit in January 2021, premiered online at Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 13th-16th March 2021 and has won the following awards and placings:


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