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Founded in the Isle of Man, Dark Aveune is a indie production company now based in London telling complex, character-driven genre stories which tackle the questions we daren't ask ourselves. With a passion for genre and original voices, we write and direct, and also produce for people whose work and ideas excite us. 

We're committed to producing fresh, innovative and exciting projects and launching unique voices going against the grain. Our films and scripts have won accolades across the globe, with more than 20 award wins to date and now a BIFA-qualified film in our portfolio, and we're building an exciting slate of short and feature projects to challenge the world with. 

Will you join us?



Director, Producer, Writer

Patrick was born and raised on the Isle of Man, as well as on cinema. Obsessed with film from a young age, he started producing short films with his friends, and won the Best Comedy Award at the Young Filmmaker of Mann. He also worked on feature film Mindhorn as a Production Assistant before even going to university. 

Since founding Dark Avenue Film, Patrick has directed two award-winning short fiction films and co-directed two short documentaries which played to wide audiences at Festival Interceltique de Lorient and at the Manx Last Night of the Proms. He has also produced two shorts for other directors to date, and co-written several feature and TV pilot specs with Bethany which have placed highly in screenwriting competitions including BlueCat and WeScreenplay Diverse Voices. 

He is in development on several projects, including the next short film he will direct, Kiss of Death, which has been developed through Script Compass. 


Writer, Director, Producer and Soundie

Bethany specialised in screenwriting and sound during her studies on the University of York's BSc Film and Television Production. Her work has been published in The Yorker magazine and sci-fi anthology Singularity50, and she was hired to write a short film which was nominated for an AHRC Research in Film award. She has since co-written several feature and TV pilot specs with Patrick which have placed highly in screenwriting competitions including BlueCat and WeScreenplay Diverse Voices. She is also in postproduction on her directorial debut short, The Auteur

Bethany's studies also led her to discover sound production and postproduction as a specialism, and she enjoys exploring the audio landscape of the projects she works on, especially in bringing directorial visions to life through sound design. She is currently on a 12-month placement with Amazon and NFTS as a location and posproduction sound trainee. 





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