We are a two-person team based in the Isle of Man, a beautiful place of nature and culture in the heart of the Irish Sea. 

Both Honours graduates from the University of York's BSc Film and Television Production, we live and breathe film and crammed in as many extra projects as we could alongside our studies. 

Now we've been let loose on the world, we're determined to make our own way.

We've always been fascinated by stories and are now turning this outwards, towards people and companies who want to get their story out there in the most accessible form today: video.

We founded our business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking projects in every genre and industry. We take you through every step from start to finish and treat every project like our own. 

Yours could be next.

Director, Producer and Cinematographer

Patrick was born and raised on the Isle of Man, as well as on cinema. Obsessed with film from a young age, he started producing short films with his friends, which ended up winning the Best Comedy Award at the Young Filmmaker of Mann Awards. Since then, he studied Film and TV Production at the University of York, where he specialised in Directing. Alongside that, he has crewed on projects such as Mindhorn (2016), Ready to Go (Short Film, 2017) as well as an internship at Andy Serkis' Imaginarium Studios in Ealing. 

Writer, Producer and Sound Designer

Writing has always been Bethany's first and foremost passion, and she relishes having that as part of her role within Dark Avenue Film. She specialised in writing during her studies at the University of York (2015-18) on the BSc Film and Television Production course. Before she graduated, she had her work published in The Yorker magazine, become Deputy Editor, was announced a winner in a Create50 short story competition (the anthology of which has now been published) and was hired to write a script for a research film, which was later nominated for an AHRC Research in Film award. 

Great stories are at the heart of everything she does. She's always absorbing more, whether in the form of books, films, television, articles, and being amongst the stunning sights of the Island keeps her refreshed and inspired. 



We know what it's like to do unpaid internships for very little gain, and how difficult it is for many young creatives to break into the industry without the funds to support that 'experience' period. When we hire people, we hire them.


We take our work for you as seriously as we do our own projects, drawing on all of our knowhow to produce a film perfect for you. We've learnt every aspect of filmmaking inside out so that we can deliver only the very best to our clients.


We're always contactable, no matter what you want get in touch about. Whether you want to run an idea by us or just say hello. we'd love to hear from you and are always up for a cuppa and a chat!



Distinguished Director - 'Road to the Top'

York HARPE Awards 2018

Patrick Crellin

Best Comedy Short - 'Advert Break'

Young Filmmaker of Mann

Patrick Crellin


Formidable Female Talent - 'Road to the Top'

York HARPE Awards 2018

Bethany White

Singularity50 Winner - 'Memory Stored'


Bethany White


Winner - 'Ducks'

Picturehouse's Manchester By The Sea competition (nationwide)

Bethany White

Winner - 'Morning Frost'

The Yorker Winter Photography Competition

Bethany White

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