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An Endless Summer
Dark Avenue Film

An Endless Summer


Made 100% remotely during lockdown

A new mother has spent longer than expected with her baby daughter due to the Covid lockdown - but now she must confront the post-pandemic return to work.


A docu-drama filmed 100% remotely during the coronavirus lockdown.

This film, supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council's Covid-19 Resilience Fund and with further sponsorship from I-Cap Marine and Beechwood Financial Management, was a chance to push ourselves as producers and filmmakers. We developed our own remote filmmaking method to tell a version of Freya's own lockdown story - find out how in the Behind the Scenes series below.

Running at 10'00", the film embarked on the film festival circuit in December 2020, premiered online at Socially Relevant Film Festival New York 15th-21st March 2021 and has won the following awards and placings:

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