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Fiction is where we learned our craft. Film, television and books have been lifelong loves and we will always make time for great ideas which subvert expectations and try something new. We're hands-on producers who want to get the full potential out of every project and are always excited to collaborate with other creatives.

With extensive award wins for our fiction work and experience producing on-island, we know where to go to get things done. Much of our process is in-house, with our own comprehensive filming kit and postproduction capabilities. We also know the best people for the other elements, such as extra kit for hire locally and skilled, adaptable composers.

The Island has been a location on over 100 films; let's aim for another 100.

Cast and crew of The Lost Wife
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Director Patrick Crellin working with actor Jenny Quirk in rehearsal
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Actors Jeremy Theobald and Emma Findlay in rehearsal for The Lost Wife
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Director Patrick Crellin at the monitor on The Lost Wife shoot
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Actor Freya Kingsley and her daughter Lilah on an early video call for An Endless Summer
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Patrick and Bethany developing An Endless Summer
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Bethany standing in for Freya in the test version of An Endless Summer
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Still frame: Freya in the garden, An Endless Summer
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I have worked with both Patrick and Bethany on many projects over the past few years and have  always enjoyed working with them and have found them very talented film-makers. They have  developed their skills in many disciplines as their company Dark Avenue Film has grown, and I  am excited to see them develop their drama/fiction repertoire. 

I am always keen to see our local film-makers reach out and collaborate with talent beyond our  shores. I think this is absolutely vital for the growth in our sector and helps build awareness of  the island’s film-makers beyond our shores. 

I wish Patrick and Bethany every success.

Dave Armstrong, DAM Productions


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