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The key promotional product for any businesses with an online presence, in an age of social media and ever-shortening attention span, is... video.

Videos can be adapted for repeated use across multiple platforms, including your website and social media sites.


Personal stories are at the heart of our commercial work, and they're the things that connect with an audience. And the good news is, every business has one! We can help you tell that story in the most visually stimulating way, so that you, a person, can get through to the people looking to buy.


I was very glad to get the opportunity to hire Patrick and Bethany from Dark Avenue Film for one of our corporate productions last summer (2020). 


We had to do an interview on the Isle of Man, during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, all international travel was disabled, but we had to meet a deadline. Since our network doesn’t reach this undoubtedly beautiful island, I used Google to find a local film crew. 

The contact was immediately pleasant and Patrick and Bethany were thinking along very well. Since they had local knowledge, they came up with great ideas for an interview location and the needed technical support. They even performed a location check and had a meeting with our  customer (the interviewee). So without meeting Patrick and Bethany in person, our cooperation felt professional and pleasant and resulted in a well-prepared film shoot.


After all was set-up, I could do the interview myself through video call and received the footage digitally by an online transfer. The footage was very well done and matched our expectations. 

In short, thanks to Patrick and Bethany we could match our deadline in a very COVID-proof and sustainable manner. Our network now also includes the Isle of Man… Thank you very much Patrick & Bethany. Hope to hire you again in the future!

Stefan Wittekamp, DOCK90


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